》Say Love Hotel, thank you! Military and public education, Thanksgiving activities for police and medical personnel begin!

日期/ Date:2020-04-05

璽愛旅店 感謝有您

軍公教警消醫護人員  感恩活動開跑!


備有殺菌光  獨立空調 (非檢疫旅宿)

完善防疫措施  安心住宿旅館


住宿享 77折 再送口罩!!



1. 即日起至2020/07/31日止、(辦理入住同時出示證件、不事後補折抵)軍警消證、醫護人員證明、教師證或公務人員證明之旅客,享有房價總額77 折!!

2. 活動與送好罩活動配合、每人每晚皆能獲得防疫口罩一片!(口罩有限、送完為止、以服務人員為主)。

3.  僅限以Line、FB、email訂房或現場付費之旅客。

4. 請如實告知櫃台人員近日旅遊史及健康狀況、並配合每日殺菌清潔及量測體溫。

5. 此活動:不靠窗豪華B型與背客單人房不適用、其他所有房型含背客小窩 適用77折。









Say Love Hotel, thank you!

Military and public education, Thanksgiving activities for police and medical personnel begin!


Equipped with germicidal lamp(Non-quarantine hotel)

Perfect anti-epidemic measures


23% discount on accommodation and get masks!


1. From today to July 31, 2020, (passing out at the same time presenting the certificate, no later replacement offset) military and police card, medical staff certificate, teacher certificate or public official certificate, passengers enjoy a discount of 23% of the total price! !

2. The activity is coordinated with the mask delivery activity, and everyone can get a medical mask every night! (limited quantity available).

3. Only travelers who make reservations by Line, FB, email or pay on site.

4. Please tell the counter staff the recent travel history and health status, and cooperate with daily sterilization cleaning and measuring body temperature.

5. This activity: Deluxe B type without window and single room for back passengers are not applicable, and all other room types including back passenger small nests are applicable for 23% off.


The event's check-in time is 15:00 pm and check-out time is 11:00 am.

(This activity is not applicable to single rooms and B-type rooms. No breakfast is provided in the entire hall and no masks are provided for children)













1.本日から2020年7月31日まで(チェックインの際に証明書を提示し)軍事カードと警察カード、医療スタッフの証明書、教師の証明書、または公的証明書の場合、宿泊の合計金額の23%の割引をゲットできる! !

2.マスクを送る活動に協力して、みんなで毎晩防疫用マスクをもらえます! (マスクが限定され、在庫がなくなるまで)。

3. Line、FB、Eメール、または現地での支払いで予約する旅行者のみ。








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